A Word or two About Us


We started making the most basic nutritional supplements in the early 2000's. ADUT GVN was founded as a family company based in a clean rural area away from industrial facilities.

From a company that at first dealt only with the confection of grain and powder products, it gradually grew into a company that began to invest in its own production of spices, food acids, drying and dehydration of fruits, vegetables and spices, as well as its own plantations. of organic beans, cereals, parsley, oregano, various spicy peppers, chili and more. All this has imposed the establishment of strong and long-term partnerships with our suppliers and customers. The result of this cooperation is the setting of the highest standards for our customers and always implies a correct attitude, security in product quality, availability of products from our offer on the market, as well as constant introduction of novelties and new products from our brand.

From 2016, the company becomes export-oriented and our products are already available to customers in neighboring Bulgaria, Albania and Kosovo. With the opening of the markets in our neighboring countries, there was a need to increase the quantities of raw materials, with which the management of the company in early 2016 decided to buy their own land and plant their own plantations with spicy peppers, parsley and oregano. , beans, Urov (Vicia ervilia) and more.

Today "Adut GVN" is a company that in its product range has 140 products that are produced according to the HASAP standard, has its own space of 600 m2, its own fleet, and developed distribution network throughout the Republic of Macedonia. Despite all the challenges the company faces, the management continues to invest and will invest in research and development of its own products, which is actually our primary goal.


Our mission is translated into our slogan "DIRECTLY FROM NATURE" and "GREEN VALLEY". Our goal is to provide our customers with a wide selection of quality spices and organic products, which in addition to being delicious will also provide a healthier choice.


Research and development remain a key point in our work. Our wishes are through our own plantations and the process of forming subcontractors, to become a recognizable brand in the cultivation of high quality varieties of spices and vegetables which through organic production with which we prefer to be produced, we will offer to customers with refined taste and those who enjoy cooking.